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Attractions Spreewald

Sehenswürdigkeiten im Spreewald

in the Spreewald

Attractions found in the Spreewald to anyone willing to see:
The biggest attraction is the unusual lagoon landscape of the region but of course there are also many destinations for sightseeing…

Attractions in and around Lübbenau in the Spreewald

The Spreewald is a bit like a jungle – just more lovely. The defining feature of this biosphere reserve are the branched rivers, ponds and canals. With any luck instead of crocodiles and tigers you will see cranes, beavers, swans and black storks and instead of vines there are wetland plants such as sundew and irises.

Information Center of the Biosphere Reserve

We highly recommend a visit to the newly designed information center of the biosphere reserve in Lübbenau, the “Haus für Mensch und Natur”. In modern interactive science displays you get to explore the origins and diversity of the Spree Forest and learn about natural and man-made influences but also risks for this shelter of rare animal and plant species.

Lübbenau & Island Village Lehde

The holiday and health resort Lübbenau where the SPREE.Hotel in der Altstadt is located is a good starting point for exploring the wetlands of the Spreewald but it also has a lot to offer as a town. The old town center with its traditional houses in winding streets still bears traces of the medieval founding period and many shops retail products typical of the region. The small bustling harbor of Lübbenau is surrounded by inviting cafes selling coffee and cakes, and the restaurant’s “SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant” provides a unique view of the “Grosser Spreewaldhafen”.

The small island village Lehde is also part of Lübbenau with its historic Spreewald houses. For centuries Lehde could only be reached by water and to this day the river here replaces the road – even the mail is delivered by Kahn. Spreewald Museum Lehde is an awesome open air museum with three typical farm buildings where visitors can learn all about crafts and customs of the region.

Nature of the Spreewald

The “Spreewaldgurke” is the star of the region. Cucumber fields can still be found throughout the Spreewald and all around Lübbenau and Lehde you can visit some of the local companies making our beloved gherkins which usually includes tasting of course! Famous as well is the cucumber mile at the “Grosser Spreewaldhafen Lübbenau” where you can taste a pretty good variety of gherkins like mustard or pepper gherkins at several different booths and of course buy a glass or a small bucket of your favorite. Literally just around the corner from SPREE.Hotel in der Altstadt is the “Spreewaldmuseum am Topfmarkt” and it will not only teach you interesting things about the historical development and the Slavic settlement of the Spreewald but also about the craft of cucumber cultivation.

Castle Lübbenau

Castle Lübbenau (Schloss Lübbenau) – formerly known as Castle Lübbenau Spreewald of the comital sovereignity of Lynar – and its associated stables house an ensemble of hotels and apartments nowadays. The complex includes other historical buildings such as the Orangerie – often booked for weddings and other celebrations – and a wonderful public domain park with mature trees and landscaped ponds in the English landscape style.

Spreewelten Bad

Absolutely unique in Germany is the opportunity to swim and dive along with a dozen Humboldt penguins – separated by a glass pane of course – at the Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau. The adventure world also offers a pool with artificial waves, two giant slides and a flowchannel as well as a fantastic sauna world with fourteen different themed saunas and a large spa area with a wide choice of pampering massages and treatments.

The Island Wotschofska

The small island Wotschofska is located in the high forest of the Spreewald and is not just because of the well-known restaurant of the same name a very popular destination. It is accessible only by bike and hiking trails or via the waterways by boat or canoe. One of the two large public German TV Stations – the ZDF – used the Wotschofska several times as a key location for their Spreewaldkrimi series.

Salt Cave

For wellness moments inbetween: In the “Lübbenauer Salzgrotte” which is modeled on a stalactite providing the microclimateof a natural salt cave. A visit will serve to increase your well-being. You rest wrapped in blankets on comfortable couches with salt lamps casting a shimmering light and music softly playing in the background.

The Surrounding Area

Worth a visit is the Slavic Castle Raddusch easily reached by car or even by bicycle from Lübbenau. The ring wall matches that of a typical castle in the early Middle Ages here in this area. But you can not only discover impressive walls in Raddusch but also an archaeological exhibition showcasing some really fascinating finds.

Wait a second – a tropical getaway right in the Spreewald – no way! Yes, way! Tropical Islands is located about 35 km from Lübbenau easily accessible via Autobahn A13. Palm Beaches, water attractions and the largest indoor rainforest in the world await – this is how you combine your contemplative nature vacation with a pinch of action and fun if so desired!

Right in the center of our neighboring city Lübben is a big space surrounded by a water leisure and entertainment area: the Schlossinsel Lübben (castle island). Country paths, a boat harbor, a water playground, a maze and a sound garden were created as an attractive ensemble whether you are on foot or taking a tour by boat. This castle island also hosts sports and cultural events.

You should not miss out on the opportunity to visit Branitz Castle and Fürst-Pückler-Park (Prince Pückler) Branitz in Cottbus where you can follow in the footsteps of Prince Pückler for hours in the park and get some real insight into what life was like in times of Prince Pückler by enjoying the lovingly restored rooms and well made exhibitions in his castle. With its pretty networked ways around artfully landscaped ponds and waterways, carefully composed plantations and not least the famous pyramids of Branitzer Park is one of Germany’s most beautiful landscaped gardens.

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